Babiface Professional Toenail cutter.

Babiface Professional Toenail cutter.


Professional Heavy duty stainless steel Toenail cutter. Smooth double barrel action with precise blades to cut the thickest toenails easily
Handles designed for extra control and easy to use
Manufactured with quality hardened steel (20x13)
Our Professional Grade Nail Nippers Clippers Cutters are for Podiatrists as well as personal use
Fully Autoclavable
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Premium Grade Stainless Steel
Polished to High Standard finish
Buy with Confidence
Fully guaranteed against defect in material and workmanship

How to use-

Squeeze handles to release locking mechanism. It is recommended to cut toe nails when wet to avoid cracking or splitting the nails. Cut toe nails straight to prevent the broth of ingrown nails

Suggested Care instructions

The blade or tips should be wiped clean after every use. The screw assembly or box joint should be oiled every few months. Any necessary balancing or sharpening should be performed by a professional

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