Professional Salon Quality Nail Cutter/Nipper

Professional Salon Quality Nail Cutter/Nipper



120 mm (4 1/2 ")

Nail nippers/cutters are instruments used for easy shortening and forming even for tough hard nails.

The different sizes and cutting head forms demonstrate the broad range of manicure or pedicure applications.

There are two different joints available. Lap joint nippers have the nipper shanks lying one on top of the other at the joint. Box joint nippers have one shank put through the other nippers shank.

It is recommended to cut and form toe nails relatively short and straight.It is highly reccomended by professionals that  healthy Toe nails should not reach over the end of the toes.A nail file should be used to smooth and seal the side of the nails to prevent genral uncomfort and stop the emergence of in growing nails.

This product is hand finished and comes in a variety of finishes.Including Crome,Satin


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